Monday, June 22, 2009


kind of came into a state of boredom immediately after graduation. my sleeping patterns have turned for the worse, but yesterday broke the monotony of the grad life

but yesterday was fathers day. didn't get much sleep and had to catch the 845 ferry. Turns out my dad had gone to church with the mom last night so i decided instead of church i would sleep since i had to drive btown to seattle later. but first i went and picked up the book of seattle sports lists (which i lost last week on the ferry) and gave it to my dad. He completely thought i was getting it again for myself.

My dad made the comment of being sad i was taking the car, because its his favorite car, which kind of made me sad to take it. I took his favorite car on fathers day :( But he'll see plenty of it in the future

the drive was horrible, the people who painted the doors left this weird film on the windshield and wipers, and when i drove through the rain my visibility was so bad. And then i hit the really hard rain and could hardly see, and then i hit the standing water on I-5 and was hydroplaning for like 10 miles straight, thunder and lightning, that was a crazy washington storm

workworkwork later

poker at emil's. tournament style threw me off a lot, but i somehow made it to the final two, but i was down huge to emil and it was winner take all. Easily 16-1 chip advantage for him. He let me get off easy the first couple hands, and then i started catching everything, made the right moves. Before you knew it I had come all the way back into a slight chip lead (two pair after the flop twice in a row). Slightly after that a Q10 hearts vs an AJ off-suit would decide it. Hit that queen on the flop and no help came for emil, what a run

having a car has so many damn advantages, now i need to just not get into an accident, not hit anyone, not get a ticket and pay for gas

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