Saturday, February 28, 2009

the sickness

i'm tryin my best to avoid it
drinkin lots of fluids and adding emergen-c to it also

but i frickin have had to work the passed two nights and then tomorrow is fasa formal and then work sunday and monday. My immune system is workin overtime damn

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dear snow,

You're fucking up my education (at least today)


me and jamella woke up early today too! Well I guess I woke up earlier than usual.
Had to walk down to aurora to catch the bus
then waited with no avail for the 44, a woman told us it hadn't come for an hour, then one did, and it went straight past... full
We went back to the 358 and managed to get home
I still have to get to my lab at 1230 downtown, and work at 5


i feel bad

i didn't go to church today. I meant to go early this morning, but it proved to be too early for me (9 am at St. Johns). I woke up at 12 pm in order to get down to my lab only slightly late

I'm sure there was probably an afternoon mass somewhere, but I chose to go to tulalip outlets with the guys and jamella. It had been my idea in the first place to go on tuesday but Matt said tomorrow and I said yea that works without thinking about it, so I didn't want to back out.

I could've gone tonight but we had the basketball game, Francis didn't play tonight cause he went to church.

Whats done is done I guess, but some prayer is in store...

Warning: basketball analysis ahead

Like every wednesday matt, myself, and the rest of the guys had our PSBL game tonight. We were 8.5 point underdogs, felt slapped in the face. We kept it close through the first half or so of the first half, then the other team built up a lead that we couldn't come back from. Part of it I suppose was a lack of energy on our part, but their team just had too much size. They were able to pass over us and shoot over us pretty easily.

A couple good things came out of the game. Our energy was good to start the game. I had 2 fast break layups, a three, and split a pair of free throws within the first 7 minutes, before i got a sub. At the start of the second half we were able to light the fire a little, played with some pretty good energy. My defense was better tonight but I still need to pick it up. I hit a 3 and got fouled, hit the free throw. First 4 point play for me... ever i think.

Couple bad things, we don't rebound well against teams with size. We don't play well in a half court set. At least when it comes to dribble penetration. We take a lot of threes, its okay when we make them, but we've settled into a pretty average 3 pt percentage I think. I have at least. I was probably 2 for 3 or 4 tonight. I can't remember.

Number five, whoever you are, have a little sportsmanship. You came up to me after the game, about 15 game minutes AFTER you knocked me off balance from behind and i hyper extended my knee. Not to mention you also pretty much tackled matt out of the air, without as much as a word of apology. I didn't care about mine, I didn't really think about it, I was in too much pain, but the guys noticed it. Grow a pair, don't walk away like you didn't do anything...

as for the knee, i remember every part of what happened. I got clipped from behind, went off balance while moving forward, penciled my leg into the ground proceeding to hyper extend my knee. It felt like my patella slammed into my tibia. I've never had a knee injury before, and I don't want another one. A guy that I remember playing before was nice enough to give me his ice pack (ironic that that guy is probably in his 60s), number 31 thanks man. I REALLY didn't want to extend my leg back out after i curled it in laying on the floor, nor did i want to stand up, but the guys pulled me off the court, I think it was Stuart and Peter. After i got that ice pack i was able to extend it out all the way, having to watch us lose the game for 15 minutes on the bench. Walking out of the gym was not fun, but we stopped at 7-11 and got a bag of ice, I iced 3 times in total and took tylenol. It feels better now, but I still feel the pain, hopefully it'll be better than worse tomorrow

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the Lenten Season

it is now an hour and a half old

my sacrifices are weak this year
chocolate, soda

Lent isn't supposed to be about giving up little things that you'll just put back into your life as soon as these 40 days are up though. You should be taking out things that are truly bad for you, and keep them out of your life. But really I don't know what things I would take out, I don't mean to be conceited by any means, but I just don't know.

But i'm also really seriously going to add more prayer into my life, i don't do enough of it, and what better time than lent

I said that last year, and it didn't really work, pray for me, that i'm able to start praying more and keep up with it. I also need to get back into the routine of going to church. This is the first year I haven't gone literally EVERY sunday, and i've really only been going about once or twice a month. I haven't even gone to Newman Center this year. I've gone to two churches in Seattle and one in Bremerton, but not Newman. Well it doesn't matter where I go, but I just want to get back in the routine of EVERY sunday, get it? good, cause i need to get it

As for my sacrifices, jamella pointed out that i eat a lot of chocolate. I never thought anything of it, but I really do, and so she basically challenged me to do it. So when we were at Westlake on Monday we went to candy tyme and i got $18.50 worth. Mostly chocolate with a couple peanut butter malt balls and a couple rock candy strings. Tonight, I finished (with a little help from jaja) all but one pb malt ball and the rock candy, and some white chocolate. Damn thats a lot of chocolate.

For soda, we get jones a lot from the dorm, and since i started working at spaghetti factory, I drink a lot of soda during my shifts. I've taken to mixing cherry coke and root beer, its pretty tasty to me. I've always mixed my sodas though. So i'll be giving that up, water at work and more juices and milk and water at home.

As for now i must sleep and hope to be able to wake up and make it to church in the morning... good night anyone who reads this

welcome to the beginning of the end

that is to say of my college career

i registered for spring quarter this morning, last quarter before graduation, unless i have to take summer that would suck
psych 470 - psych and music
psych 332 - animal performance lab
i thought about taking a psych class called insects instead, i'm still thinking about that

i had to take a test today too, which i crammed for until like 3 am, then woke up at 550 to register before 6 am, oh yea i got the second to last spot in psych 470 :D awesome feeling

the test went better than my last... i hope
i also had to take a spanish placement test, i fell asleep in jamellas dorm and didn't get enough review that i had wanted to do, OH WELL

i had hoped to place out of spanish, but i'm pretty sure i did well enough to get into third quarter, hopefully i get my scores and am able to register for 103 before all the sections close

after that i got to RELAX
we ate red mill burger for the first time since jamella is giving up red meat for lent
we watched dane cook on my comp and russell peters on youtube
i played a bunch of top spin 3 for the first time in like a week cause of all the damn school stuff

and now its 133 am and i'm gonna try and make it to an early mass for ash wednesday, must sleep

Monday, February 23, 2009

filipino veterans

your day has finally come

what president truman took away in the rescission act in 1946 has been given back to you in 2009

250,000 of you then were cheated of your military benefits
the 15,000 of you today are finally recognized for your support of the US

our country is finally honoring our heroes, and remembering those who have fallen


good follow up article sent to me by eva


the p word
its been the name of the game as of late

managed to wake up late to go to the zoo, but did spend a good two hours watching baby uzumma run around with mama amanda and sister calaya. mom is letting her be much more independent and shes climbing and swinging a lot more now

instead of going home to study, at 330 i headed to campus to get jamella. We got to my house around 530 i guess. between six and eight i guess i studied some, then we were gonna go to red mill burger, only to realize that it closes at eight on sundays. damn. So we cooked lumpia :D that she brought from home

ate and watched MIB2 wooooo

DIDN'T study until like 1130 wow. went through all my psych notes, the absolute worst way to study. At least my test isn't til tuesday. Now i'm gonna do more rosetta stone

Sunday, February 22, 2009

don't want to take too much

from the times mariners blog but i couldn't resist

this is just too good, gives me goosebumps

that silky smooth swing is orgasmic, i can't wait to get to the games early and try and catch some griffey bp homeruns

taken from Seattle Times Mariners blog

Ken Griffey Jr on Seattle, Chuck Armstrong, and Ichiro

the best part of the video, talking about Ichiro...
"I plan on having him take me to dinner at least four or five times a week,'' Griffey said. "Being that I haven't been in the American League, I figure that there are some new restaurants he can take me to. As long as he does not dress the way he has. He may have to change his wardrobe. He can't wear skinny ties. Those went out with Duran Duran.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i have problems

with procrastination, damn

was supposed to go to the zoo, study spanish, study psych

instead i woke up at 1 and did nothing but clean, eat, and watch basketball

and now i have to work from 4 until at least 1115

sports musings

...Nate Robinson is ridiculous...
...Amare out for rest of regular season, KG out 2-3 weeks, Granger out... wow fantasy basketball team got hot right before the allstar break, they're back to meh...
...RIP Larry H Miller, Jazz GM.

...Dale Jr is the man. wait, ovechkin is the man. no no Nate the Great is still the man, and ridiculous, did you see that block on bosh? or that split the d lose the ball recover spin travel but not have it called and make the layup?

...welcome back Griffey Jr, i'm ecstatic as a Mariners fan, i'm skeptical as a baseball fan. But for the price it can't really hurt the team, and hes a great clubhouse guy, heres to being able to see him come full circle, my sports idol as a little boy has returned

Friday, February 20, 2009


There is just something about the sun... i know i don't have S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but when the sun comes out I just feel happier. It probably is this way for a lot of people, but its worth note for me, I feel like I have more of a spring in my step...

I've had a crazy day so far.

930 at the zoo to see baby Uzumma and mother Amanda, the gorillas i'm doing my observational study on. Uzumma is the cutest thing in that zoo besides the new baby ocelots.

1045 leave the zoo and catch a bus with jaja. Get to campus at like 1115, manage to get food in by george, run upstairs to odegaard and print out my paper, eat really quick, say bye to her for the weekend, and then sprint to my class in the chem library to turn in my paper at 1130.

1220 head to the bus to make my way down to the Western lab on bus 30. Got to see a different side of Seattle riding that bus, I want to explore Fremont more.

115 arrive at the Western lab and tour the area. Oh how i love the monkeys. Hopefully i'll be able to get a staff job in there after graduation since I probably will be too busy to keep the student job there next quarter.

2 leave the lab and hop the 358 home

I have work at 615 tonight down at Spag which is like 2 blocks away from the lab. It will be nice when I have work right after lab. Can just bring my clothes with me.

as for now, i should really get some studying done, either some spanish via rosetta stone, or some of my psych stuff. have tests on both next tuesday. But i'll probably end up eating something and taking a nap, yea that sounds like a good plan...


it is nearly 2 am, i should be finishing my short paper, yet i haven't even started writing it yet.

its okay its only two pages double spaced

but I found a new way to procrastinate, I've had a livejournal since like 7th grade but haven't consistently used it since freshman year

we'll see if i use this more...

welcome to my world