Saturday, March 28, 2009

march 28th

its not a good day to remember, and its not even the exact milestone of the start to a dark time in my life

the exact date would be one month from today, april 28th, but I have kind of been thinking about it for the passed couple weeks

in many ways i still struggle with what went down, thats not to say that i haven't moved on, but it still hurts to this day, especially dwelling on the events that went on immediately after that day last year and throughout the summer

it's been 11 months but there are still SO many reminders, i just can't get away from them

one of your reminders just passed a few days ago, your birthday... i resisted any and all tempation to make any sort of communication, and for me that was a really hard, but i got passed it and it really felt like a step in the right direction

i wasn't happy with the way it happened 11 months ago, and the way things happened after
and honestly, i'm still not
but i am happy with where it has lead me... where i am today

Thursday, March 26, 2009


no not a car, man i wish i had a bmw, ok not really

but we have a new puppy, it was supposed to be a girl, and we were calling it nala for about 3 hours...

then matt decided to pet its belly, and realized, unquestionably, that its a boy

pics to come hopefully

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


even if i do absolutely nothing while i'm here

its good to be home

Sunday, March 22, 2009

spending money

its just so easy

me and matt went to tulalip today

i got some huarache 08 basketball shoes
also went to walmart up there and i got a new basketball, an 8 gb jump drive, and pokemon platinum... i'm a nerd so what
went to dairy queen too woooooo

on the way home we went on 99 all the way from everett to greenlake, a lot more interesting than driving i5

and we were this close to going to vegas... TONIGHT

tonight was well, just short of epic... for no apparent reason

i got off work and it was just like any other night, catch a ride home, chill out, talk to jamella, watch some tv, read up on the day in sports

but then matt asked if i wanted to go to pochis, of course a yes
met up with rachtha who was getting off work, chilled out a bit
searched for a lighted basketball court at 1 am, finally ended up at greenlake which we knew wasn't lit in the first place so we didn't check there first, we played by the light from the security lights
some random dude and girl walked by and we played 21 with the guy and talked with the girl, they smelled strongly of alcohol of course, hella cool people. matt won the game, but not before i went from zero to 19 before he went from 19 to 21
then we were gonna get jack in the box, but jack on aurora had like a 12 car line, so we were gonna get dicks, but it closed at 2... not 3... then we were gonna get wendy's in ballard, which closed at 2 and not 3... so we drove and found a jack, got three combos and drove.
passed the Lenin statue in fremont, i had never seen it before, i mentioned i had never been to the troll but matt said not now haha
at home we ate and watched family matters and talked about, well everything important in life, from what happened at work, to what happened last night, to what happened in junior high, and elementary school... i think we touched on every subject humanly possible

and then matt brought up that its really cheap to go to vegas right now, a suite for 500, rachtha said he could make that on the blackjack table in 2 minutes...

i looked up and said "lets go,"
matt looked at me and said "no i'm serious"
and i said "SO AM I!"
we looked at rachtha and he looked down and said "i have work tomorrow, its not that i have the job, its that people need me to be places"

and with that, we were THIS close to ACTUALLY going to Vegas... i was ready to pack some clothes and be gone until wednesday...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the end of finals week

well for me and jaja at least

my test was, well meh
goin to primate lab still every day, i'm really sad i won't have time for it next quarter, hopefully i can get a staff job there after graduation... scary, graduation

Me and Jamella went to EMP, that was awesome, I love the grunge exhibits, and seeing Jimi Hendrix' guitar that he played at Woodstock, oh and taking pics that we're not supposed to take

Last night was our St Patty's Day party, man that was fun. Just a small party like usual, beer pong, this time we played Kings Cup, and a nice friendly visit to the toilet bowl... i now have an aversion to pizza, but damn that pizza was good

Today my parents and uncle came over, i'm so happy my uncle finally immigrated from the PI. He got to talk to everyone back in the PI via webcam while he was here and you could tell he was happy. I got to give him his presents too, the UW championship shirt and a hat, i ended up giving him one of my old hats cause the new one was too big for him. My parents bought me a knew mattress too, so now i have a bigger bed, they took my old mattress home for Uncle Ric.

Also tonight we had our double header... with five people... after a party! The first game was just bad, i only scored six points but Craig had like 26. We lost, pretty bad. Second game was crazy. We put up more than 150 points combined and I had 30 of our 77. Too bad we lost by 9. Man playing a double header with only five people SUCKS. If we had our other two guys, we would probably win those games.

And now tomorrow, seein Under the Sea 3D at imax, lab, home, work... sheesh its just nonstop even though i'm done with finals

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the passed few days

a lot has happened

i finished my paper that was due friday... on wednesday night! wow i can't remember hte last time i finished something early
then me and onel did our poster on thursday in order to present it on friday

Brian's surprise bday thing was awesome, and jamella has really turned me on to sushi. And i can't believe that i like raw fish now, salmon sashimi is so good

i worked a double today, and for my hard work, i had 50 dollars stolen out of my wallet, in my jacket pocket, in my locker. it was my tip money from lunch. I don't feel extremely bad about it, they didn't take my ipod or my phone, but i'm still fuckin pissed. I'm pretty sure it was someone from the kitchen, one of the guys was sitting there while i put my wallet in my jacket

tomorrow me and jamella are going to see under the sea 3d at imax, then eating red mill burger, then getting fish, then who knows what else

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


jamella and i got three today

red- "coral"
green- "viper"
orange- "rufus"

a glofish is a danio that was once genetically altered to search for certain strains of disease, they were bred, and now we have them today, chemical free, but very colorful and bright and glow under black light

we plan on getting three more

we are also going to get three black skirt tetras that generally stay in the middle of the tank and a plecostomus for algae eating purposes. We're also gonna get a couple bottom dwelling fish, but haven't decided what yet

I will post a picture of our aquarium here in a couple days probably

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


how exciting...

jamella and I got a fish tank. Ten gallons to be exact, i'm listening to the filter motor as we speak, it will never stop making that noise i don't think haha

the tank deluxe starter kit, then gravel, plants, and a couple decorative rocks = over 100 dollars

now we need fish :P

dear god am i happy that my tax refund went into my account, i would've overdrawn if that hadn't happened

Monday, March 9, 2009

what a weekend...

got to chill out with jamellas family, eat food, play video games, attempt at riding a ripstick (so freakin hard), DRIVE wooooo

got to see my uncle ric for the first time in oh uhh ten years. He FINALLY immigrated here from the PI, FINALLY made it, next step is getting my auntie eli here. Jamella got to meet him too. Yay for going back to Bremerton for a day

ate sushi! With jamella, expanded my sushi brave-ness. Had a few different things that i hadn't tried before (octopus dumplings, seared salmon, salmon)

went to Easy Street Records and found Oceans 11, 12, and 13 for five bucks each.
watched 11, tried to watch My Big Love but had no subtitles, so we watched 12

this week, have to put together the research poster, and do the research paper, damnit...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


we have a new name for our basketball team, no longer the indy whippets, no long the whippets... we are Tang, based on our orange jerseys

i bought the team orange laces
stuart bought the team orange head bands!
we are out of control wow

team pictures next week most likely

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

no more late night sf

i spent half an hour getting through the people before seth

so i thought i was good, i'm a lot better at using ken now, after having slaved over the game with ryu for so long

i spent over an hour on seth before i angrily shut off the xbox (after angrily hitting my couch with my controller a few... thousand times)

i want to know what was going through the programmers heads when they made seth for the end of arcade mode

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

its been a minute

i'm starting to slip from the posting with regularity already

fasa formal came and went, it was awesome seeing everyone, i haven't been able to socialize as much because of work. formal was well done and was a hit as usual

i picked up sf4 and i have a small blister on my thumb, played online for the first time last night

live gamer tag - demonllama001 hit me up

have gotten two pairs of shoes within the past week, one pair for formal and today i found some air max classics for 30 bucks at the outlet mall. oh and got laces for everyone on the bball team and got a jacket for jamella.

any money i make in tips i tend to spend, shoot i need to start saving more