Sunday, July 5, 2009

independence day

woke early... 10:30
korean bbq at the house a la daikon's parents, watched the mariners game, it was awesome to hear a loud cheer out of everyone when we took the lead
pitch and putt with jaja, matt, james and dan. did not have a very good shooting day but still fun none-the-less
baskin robbins to get ice cream from daikon
home to bbq some fourth of july food, bratwurst, hotdogs, crankin the music, chillin out with everyone (matt, bobbo, james, dan, jaja, maggie, howie, john bang)
basketball at greenlake, dan is a beast with a smoooooth shot
up to lynnhood to dan's parent's place, made our show a good one, maybe didn't have quite enough but it was some good pyro fun for a solid hour, shot many a mortar
toured the house which is almost exactly the layout of the one we want
back to the linden house to watch independence day
a fitting end

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