Saturday, November 7, 2009

awesome day

took jamella to work
24 hour fitness- met with a personal trainer, killed my legs, according to calipers i have 12.9 body fat
picked up jamella with matt
great wall- jamellas dentist is there
ikea- got an end table, ate swedish meatballs, also got a wok
drove local via matt aka gps with my old iphone
frys- got a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with the bigscreen
target- looked at lamps decided to go to bed bath and beyond
drove 405, 520, accidentally exited on montlake instead of getting onto 5
bed bath and beyond northgate- got a lamp
target northgate- had to get lightbulb, found equal lamp for cheaper
bed bath and beyond- returned lamp
home- puppy is no longer a puppy, little red stains everywhere
put together lamp and table and used wireless stuff
watched paul blart mall cop
watched the office
watched pineapple express
today was awesome

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