Thursday, April 9, 2009

the quarter so far

animal learning lab is awesome. Its known as the rat lab to those of you not in the psychology loop. I named my rat rhino... anyone seen bolt?
Spanish 103... i still don't like speaking aloud in spanish, but I don't feel as bad when i hear other people speak heh
Psych 470- psych and music. This class is pretty sweet, although its gonna be a lot of work. Its basically a seminar class thats not considered a seminar, everyone has to do a research project and present it.
I made it through my entire college education without having to do a presentation in front of the class, and now i get an old fashioned professor HA, lame

besides that, started to work out. Finally have time to make it to the ima during the day, yay for 2 hour break. Keep playin basketball, keep rolling my ankle, finally time to get an ankle brace.

Next week, April 14, Wong Fu Productions comes to the HUB, yay for re-release tickets. Thats also me and jamella's 4 months :D

that weekend, FASA conference WOO

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