Tuesday, April 7, 2009

starting with a bang

the start to spring has been awesome. I've been craving the sun and warmth for so long now

yesterday jamella and I went kayaking on greenlake. One hour for 14 dollars, kind of a steep price but well worth it, went all the way across. We ate at cheesecake factory and then went to gameworks too yaayy

today was a great day too, lunch with matt and rachtha on the ave, showed my parents and my uncle around campus, got to see the cherry blossoms. Then at home we chilled out for a bit before all of us, plus matt rachtha and nala walked all the way around greenlake. That puppy is a chick magnet for reals. I'm not sure what i'm more surprised at, that my parents went all the way around the lake, or that nala made it almost all the way around, she stopped to lay down randomly... a lot

the unc-michigan st game, yea i called that one as i'm sure most of you did

the mariners game WOOOO GRIFFEY'S BACK BABY, hopefully he hits well this year and stays healthy, hey the mariners are tied for first right now

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