Wednesday, May 13, 2009

observation(s) from spag

I finished my second day of server training today. Yesterday was food running which was nice, basically just nonstop taking food out and cleaning in the kitchen.

today was my bar class and starting on serving. Glad i got to work with mike today rather than tom (i get tom tomorrow), mike is a lot more chill than tom, probably the most of anyone in the restaurant. I kind of feel like serving there is a controlled madness. Basically you have complete control on your section, save for the fact that other people may bring out your food for you. But while you have this control, there is so much going on around you that its just like madness, but its madness that you don't have to deal with really so its cool.

so far its fun, i feel like i would have hated serving in silverdale, but here is really nice. Sections are set pretty well, theres plenty of staff who are almost always willing to help.

Theres so much I didn't know about working there while I was just a busser

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