Friday, May 1, 2009

Randoms for the night

I was shaving today. I had just enough shaving cream to cover my face. I have had that shaving cream I think since i was a freshman. I am near graduation as a senior, and it just ran out. Talk about a strange realization.

I love the little stupid things in life. Like seeing a moped go 15 mph down linden ave, with seven cars backed up behind it. They were going slow enough that i could see all the drivers' expression. A look of "WTF?!" on all their faces just made me laugh.

I am pretty damn good with time. It seems like everytime i tell someone I will be there in so-and-so minutes, I am there in so-and-so minutes. And it happened again tonight. I got off the phone with Jamella at 10:24 after work and told her i would be home in 12 minutes. Kind of specific right? I walked into my room 12 minutes later at 10:36.

Writing a spanish essay about personality really made me think hard about what has shaped my personality. I believe the product of my one-ish page spanish essay is up to par with anything i have written in english the entire time i have been at UW.

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