Saturday, March 28, 2009

march 28th

its not a good day to remember, and its not even the exact milestone of the start to a dark time in my life

the exact date would be one month from today, april 28th, but I have kind of been thinking about it for the passed couple weeks

in many ways i still struggle with what went down, thats not to say that i haven't moved on, but it still hurts to this day, especially dwelling on the events that went on immediately after that day last year and throughout the summer

it's been 11 months but there are still SO many reminders, i just can't get away from them

one of your reminders just passed a few days ago, your birthday... i resisted any and all tempation to make any sort of communication, and for me that was a really hard, but i got passed it and it really felt like a step in the right direction

i wasn't happy with the way it happened 11 months ago, and the way things happened after
and honestly, i'm still not
but i am happy with where it has lead me... where i am today

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