Thursday, March 19, 2009

the end of finals week

well for me and jaja at least

my test was, well meh
goin to primate lab still every day, i'm really sad i won't have time for it next quarter, hopefully i can get a staff job there after graduation... scary, graduation

Me and Jamella went to EMP, that was awesome, I love the grunge exhibits, and seeing Jimi Hendrix' guitar that he played at Woodstock, oh and taking pics that we're not supposed to take

Last night was our St Patty's Day party, man that was fun. Just a small party like usual, beer pong, this time we played Kings Cup, and a nice friendly visit to the toilet bowl... i now have an aversion to pizza, but damn that pizza was good

Today my parents and uncle came over, i'm so happy my uncle finally immigrated from the PI. He got to talk to everyone back in the PI via webcam while he was here and you could tell he was happy. I got to give him his presents too, the UW championship shirt and a hat, i ended up giving him one of my old hats cause the new one was too big for him. My parents bought me a knew mattress too, so now i have a bigger bed, they took my old mattress home for Uncle Ric.

Also tonight we had our double header... with five people... after a party! The first game was just bad, i only scored six points but Craig had like 26. We lost, pretty bad. Second game was crazy. We put up more than 150 points combined and I had 30 of our 77. Too bad we lost by 9. Man playing a double header with only five people SUCKS. If we had our other two guys, we would probably win those games.

And now tomorrow, seein Under the Sea 3D at imax, lab, home, work... sheesh its just nonstop even though i'm done with finals

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