Sunday, March 22, 2009

and we were this close to going to vegas... TONIGHT

tonight was well, just short of epic... for no apparent reason

i got off work and it was just like any other night, catch a ride home, chill out, talk to jamella, watch some tv, read up on the day in sports

but then matt asked if i wanted to go to pochis, of course a yes
met up with rachtha who was getting off work, chilled out a bit
searched for a lighted basketball court at 1 am, finally ended up at greenlake which we knew wasn't lit in the first place so we didn't check there first, we played by the light from the security lights
some random dude and girl walked by and we played 21 with the guy and talked with the girl, they smelled strongly of alcohol of course, hella cool people. matt won the game, but not before i went from zero to 19 before he went from 19 to 21
then we were gonna get jack in the box, but jack on aurora had like a 12 car line, so we were gonna get dicks, but it closed at 2... not 3... then we were gonna get wendy's in ballard, which closed at 2 and not 3... so we drove and found a jack, got three combos and drove.
passed the Lenin statue in fremont, i had never seen it before, i mentioned i had never been to the troll but matt said not now haha
at home we ate and watched family matters and talked about, well everything important in life, from what happened at work, to what happened last night, to what happened in junior high, and elementary school... i think we touched on every subject humanly possible

and then matt brought up that its really cheap to go to vegas right now, a suite for 500, rachtha said he could make that on the blackjack table in 2 minutes...

i looked up and said "lets go,"
matt looked at me and said "no i'm serious"
and i said "SO AM I!"
we looked at rachtha and he looked down and said "i have work tomorrow, its not that i have the job, its that people need me to be places"

and with that, we were THIS close to ACTUALLY going to Vegas... i was ready to pack some clothes and be gone until wednesday...

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