Sunday, March 15, 2009

the passed few days

a lot has happened

i finished my paper that was due friday... on wednesday night! wow i can't remember hte last time i finished something early
then me and onel did our poster on thursday in order to present it on friday

Brian's surprise bday thing was awesome, and jamella has really turned me on to sushi. And i can't believe that i like raw fish now, salmon sashimi is so good

i worked a double today, and for my hard work, i had 50 dollars stolen out of my wallet, in my jacket pocket, in my locker. it was my tip money from lunch. I don't feel extremely bad about it, they didn't take my ipod or my phone, but i'm still fuckin pissed. I'm pretty sure it was someone from the kitchen, one of the guys was sitting there while i put my wallet in my jacket

tomorrow me and jamella are going to see under the sea 3d at imax, then eating red mill burger, then getting fish, then who knows what else

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