Saturday, February 21, 2009

sports musings

...Nate Robinson is ridiculous...
...Amare out for rest of regular season, KG out 2-3 weeks, Granger out... wow fantasy basketball team got hot right before the allstar break, they're back to meh...
...RIP Larry H Miller, Jazz GM.

...Dale Jr is the man. wait, ovechkin is the man. no no Nate the Great is still the man, and ridiculous, did you see that block on bosh? or that split the d lose the ball recover spin travel but not have it called and make the layup?

...welcome back Griffey Jr, i'm ecstatic as a Mariners fan, i'm skeptical as a baseball fan. But for the price it can't really hurt the team, and hes a great clubhouse guy, heres to being able to see him come full circle, my sports idol as a little boy has returned

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