Monday, February 23, 2009


the p word
its been the name of the game as of late

managed to wake up late to go to the zoo, but did spend a good two hours watching baby uzumma run around with mama amanda and sister calaya. mom is letting her be much more independent and shes climbing and swinging a lot more now

instead of going home to study, at 330 i headed to campus to get jamella. We got to my house around 530 i guess. between six and eight i guess i studied some, then we were gonna go to red mill burger, only to realize that it closes at eight on sundays. damn. So we cooked lumpia :D that she brought from home

ate and watched MIB2 wooooo

DIDN'T study until like 1130 wow. went through all my psych notes, the absolute worst way to study. At least my test isn't til tuesday. Now i'm gonna do more rosetta stone

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