Wednesday, February 25, 2009

welcome to the beginning of the end

that is to say of my college career

i registered for spring quarter this morning, last quarter before graduation, unless i have to take summer that would suck
psych 470 - psych and music
psych 332 - animal performance lab
i thought about taking a psych class called insects instead, i'm still thinking about that

i had to take a test today too, which i crammed for until like 3 am, then woke up at 550 to register before 6 am, oh yea i got the second to last spot in psych 470 :D awesome feeling

the test went better than my last... i hope
i also had to take a spanish placement test, i fell asleep in jamellas dorm and didn't get enough review that i had wanted to do, OH WELL

i had hoped to place out of spanish, but i'm pretty sure i did well enough to get into third quarter, hopefully i get my scores and am able to register for 103 before all the sections close

after that i got to RELAX
we ate red mill burger for the first time since jamella is giving up red meat for lent
we watched dane cook on my comp and russell peters on youtube
i played a bunch of top spin 3 for the first time in like a week cause of all the damn school stuff

and now its 133 am and i'm gonna try and make it to an early mass for ash wednesday, must sleep

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