Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warning: basketball analysis ahead

Like every wednesday matt, myself, and the rest of the guys had our PSBL game tonight. We were 8.5 point underdogs, felt slapped in the face. We kept it close through the first half or so of the first half, then the other team built up a lead that we couldn't come back from. Part of it I suppose was a lack of energy on our part, but their team just had too much size. They were able to pass over us and shoot over us pretty easily.

A couple good things came out of the game. Our energy was good to start the game. I had 2 fast break layups, a three, and split a pair of free throws within the first 7 minutes, before i got a sub. At the start of the second half we were able to light the fire a little, played with some pretty good energy. My defense was better tonight but I still need to pick it up. I hit a 3 and got fouled, hit the free throw. First 4 point play for me... ever i think.

Couple bad things, we don't rebound well against teams with size. We don't play well in a half court set. At least when it comes to dribble penetration. We take a lot of threes, its okay when we make them, but we've settled into a pretty average 3 pt percentage I think. I have at least. I was probably 2 for 3 or 4 tonight. I can't remember.

Number five, whoever you are, have a little sportsmanship. You came up to me after the game, about 15 game minutes AFTER you knocked me off balance from behind and i hyper extended my knee. Not to mention you also pretty much tackled matt out of the air, without as much as a word of apology. I didn't care about mine, I didn't really think about it, I was in too much pain, but the guys noticed it. Grow a pair, don't walk away like you didn't do anything...

as for the knee, i remember every part of what happened. I got clipped from behind, went off balance while moving forward, penciled my leg into the ground proceeding to hyper extend my knee. It felt like my patella slammed into my tibia. I've never had a knee injury before, and I don't want another one. A guy that I remember playing before was nice enough to give me his ice pack (ironic that that guy is probably in his 60s), number 31 thanks man. I REALLY didn't want to extend my leg back out after i curled it in laying on the floor, nor did i want to stand up, but the guys pulled me off the court, I think it was Stuart and Peter. After i got that ice pack i was able to extend it out all the way, having to watch us lose the game for 15 minutes on the bench. Walking out of the gym was not fun, but we stopped at 7-11 and got a bag of ice, I iced 3 times in total and took tylenol. It feels better now, but I still feel the pain, hopefully it'll be better than worse tomorrow

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